Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Malayalam News Widget for Bloggers

Malayalam News Widget for Bloggers

Malayalam News widget will bring latest news in malayalam which your user can enjoy. This will give your users another good reason to visit your site. The news is obtained from different sites so it will have a variety of informations which may not be there when your user visit one news paper site. The news will be the latest and your readers will be happy to get it straight away from your blog.

View Demo @ Malayalam Songs Blog

You can Change the Width and height of the widget by setting widthNEWS and heightNEWS values.

widthNEWS = "300px";
heightNEWS = "400px";

if widthNEWS = ""; then it will grow to full available width, same as with heightNEWS.

Click on Add to Blogger Image to add this widget to blog.

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